TVTelevision, or TV, is one of humanity’s most important means of communication. It bring pictures and sounds from around the wold into millions of homes.

People with a television set can sit in their and watch the president makes a speech or visits a foreign country. They can see a war being fought, and they can watch govemment leaders try to bring about peace. Though television, viewers at home can see and learn about people, places, and things in far away lands. Television even takes viewers out of this world as the astronauts explore outer space.

In addition to all these things, television brings its viewers a steady stream of programs that are designed to entertain. In fact, TV provides many more entertainment programs than any other kind of information media.The programs include action-packed dramas, light comedies, soap operas, sport events, cartoons, quizzes, variety shows, and mation pictures.

More than 83 million homes in the United States-or 98% of all the country’s homes-haves at least one television set. On the average, a television has an important influence on how people spend their time, as well as on what they see and learn. After they arrive from work, they usually watch TV. Then, the importance of television is proven.

Questions :

  1. What can you get from having a television set ?
  2. Is it about a specific television or television general ?
  3. How can television have important influences on people ?
  4. What is the purpose of the text ?
  5. On the average, how long is a television set in use in each American home ?

Satu Tanggapan

  1. Yes, I agree, but………!! You have opened a hornet’s nest here. For major reporting events, I have no quarrel – generally these are carried out in an excellent manner – perhaps somewhat prejudiced but generally OK. But when it comes to so-called ‘entertainment”……
    I wouldn’t know where to start!

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